Children have access to Christ-centered education from preschool to elementary and middle school.


Prince of Peace has dedicated, licensed teachers who teach all subjects and life skills in the context of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Teaching about Christ is not just a subject, but a way of life. Children are valued as individuals created by God with unique abilities and needs. They are taught to work together in a group and individually. They are encouraged to be the people God created them to be.

Prince of Peace is accredited by the NLSA. This means that we regularly study and review our curriculum and practices to be sure it is the best for the students that we serve.

We provide a before and after school care programming that allows students to participate in outdoor and indoor activities, catch up on homework or enjoy free time.


Play lies at the heart of the preschool curriculum at Prince of Peace.

Children play to learn. They learn to use their bodies and to cope with the physical world as they play. They practice and develop many types of skills through play – physical, intellectual, social and emotional. They learn about other people and how to build relationships with them. In playing together, children share ideas and extend each other’s experiences.

Our teachers are dedicated to the emotional, social, and academic development of each student. We reinforce the values you teach at home. To create a nurturing school family, caring hugs and prayers are handed out daily.

With an all-day preschool program and three convenient locations, Prince of Peace is the perfect choice for your family. To get started, contact the office or complete the Preschool Registration form.

Elementary School

Building a well-rounded education is critical to every child.

In our elementary program, students are taught Biblical truths through the study of Scripture. They learn about the Good News of Jesus and how to serve and love one another.

We believe it is important that students not only receive instruction in fundamental subjects such as reading and math, but subjects such as social studies, science, music and computer allow students to have a well-rounded education. To foster educational growth, basic study skills including homework routines are taught and encouraged. Students also have the privilege of extending their learning with other students in the school by being a part of a chapel family group, reading with older students, and participating in fun learning and service activities.

Middle School

Academic excellence in high school begins with foundations laid in middle school.

Middle School at Prince of Peace continues the process of an excellent academic education with high expectations. Because of our high standards, our students have a long history of excelling in high school and beyond. Middle school students develop leadership skills as they read with and to younger students, help them in chapel, and work on special projects together.

To build on their well-rounded education, students take part in our annual Christmas Musical and also learn to ring chimes and share their musical skills in various settings including our annual spring concert. Many students have enjoyed participating in our robotics program and have found success and learning as they participate in tournaments with other schools. Opportunities to participate in various sports are available to students in grades 4-6. Then in 7th and 8th grade, students have the opportunity to participate in sports with local school districts.